The Eagles Nest 9December2016

Week of December 12-16 Student Bus Schedule Changes

Bus-clip-art-bus-clipart-photo-clipartbold-3Monday – Tuesday Regular bus schedule


12:35 pm   Busses for HS students finished with finals

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Lemon

3:30 pm   Busses as usual  (Watermelon and Lemon Line students should depart at this time, no later bus run)

4:20 pm  Coconut

4:45 pm   Busses as usual

  • Orange
  • Litchi
  • Pineapple
  • Grape
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Coconut
  • Watermelon

No 5:10 pm student busses


12:35 pm   Busses for HS and 8th grade students finished with finals

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Lemon

3:30 pm   Busses as usual  (Watermelon and Lemon Line students should depart at this time, no later bus run)

4:45 pm   Busses as usual

  • Orange
  • Litchi
  • Pineapple
  • Grape
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Coconut
  • Watermelon

No 5:10 pm student busses

(Thursday is a half day for 8th graders, 8th grade students must ride the bus home after their exam.)

Friday –  

Friday is a half day for all students, with busses leaving at 12:35 unless the student has signed up to stay for the Middle School Christmas Party. There is separate bussing to select stops for middle students staying for the optional middle school christmas party. Further information will be provided to these students.

12:35 pm All busses run as 3:30 pm usual busses

3:30 pm 

  • Orange
  • Litchi
  • Pineapple
  • Grape
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Watermelon
  • Lemon

4:20 pm Coconut

  • TEDA transportation arrangements made on individual basis.


Christmas Charity Bazaar ~santa-and-elves-bazaarforweb

Thank you to all those who served at the Bazaar, without whom, we could not have had such an enjoyable Event; Campus Security Guards, Ayis and Shifus, Maintenance Dept, ticket attendants, “Photos with Santa” attendants and last but not least,  Elves Security Detail.  Heartfelt thanks to all of you who gave up all or some of your shopping time to serve us all.


CHINA DAY ~ Friday, January 20IMG_3284

As a school, we set aside a day to honor our host country by focusing on a particular Chinese Era.  This year’s historical focus will be the Jin Dynasty that followed after the Three Kingdoms, which was the focus of last year’s China Day.

For the program portion of this Day, we are looking for students who would be  interested in performing a Chinese dance, or song, or play an instrumental Piece.  

If interested please do contact Mrs. Williams ~


From the Health Clinicimmunizations

A warm reminder to take advantage of holiday travels outside of China to catch up on immunizations. Tetanus vaccine is currently restricted inside China. Please carefully check your records to be sure your child will be up-to-date on tetanus booster (required) before Spring Trips 2017. If you have any questions, please contact us at Wishing you a healthy and merry Christmas celebration!


Bus Route Change – Mango Line 3:30

Due to the construction of JieFangNan Road, the Mango bus 3:30 route has to be modified. Shui Jing Cheng will be the first stop of the route. The change will make it safer for students as they will not have to cross the road. The construction may last up to half a year. Thanks for your understanding.


From the Admissions Office – Leaver Notice for End of This Quarter

Living in an international community we understand that some families may be ending their contracts and returning to their home countries at the end of this quarter. To help make the transition as smooth as possible, we ask that you give us at least 2 weeks notice so that we can prepare documents needed for the next school. We also want to help prepare each student to exit well from their class and the school. Having advance notice provides teachers time and understanding as they help students say goodbye. Good closure is important and helps with adjustment to the new location. Please contact our Admissions Office for the necessary forms and information to ensure there are no delays in preparation and release of student records. Please note, we require 10 school days to prepare documentation. Contact Admissions for more information.


MS & HS Christmas Concerts – Thanks for Coming!

Wow! The MS Bands & Choirs really put on amazing performances this Christmas!  Be sure to congratulate anyone you may know who participated in the concerts.

Special Thanks to the following people for making the concerts happen:

Music & Support Staff2016-ms-christmas-concert-update-small-for-web

  • Rick Emerson – Choir Director
  • Michael Hebert – Band Director
  • Emmy Chen – Music Teacher
  • MinJeung Sohn – Piano Accompanist
  • Amy Shen – Band Piano Accompanist
  • Erin Smidt – Female Vocal Specialist
  • Lee Williams & Justine Hebert – Sound & Lights
  • Charles Schreur, Leah Zhang, & Joy Cao – Photographers
  • Nancy Liu – Bussing

Quality Control Team

  • Justine Hebert – Program Artwork
  • Michael Hebert – Program
  • Rick Emerson & Michael Hebert – HS Program Notes
  • Jessi von der Mehden, Liz Gilbert, Angel Lee, & Elick Arp – Uniform Checks and Etiquette Accountability


  • Head Principal – Jim Belcher
  • High School Principal – Kim McElroy
  • Middle School Principal – James Delzer

By the time, you read this, you may be able to make the HS concert performance at 7pm Friday, December 9.  Go to High School tab to view bus schedule for tonight. See you then!

Weekly AQI Readings

  • Outside Average Reading = 202
  • Inside Average Reading = 113


Click the links below to View and Download Full-Sized Photos for Personal Use (For the current school year only)

This Week in Pictures

Elementary School Christmas Concert Album

ECC Christmas Concert Album



Innovation Corner, by Lee Williams

See how our Language Services teachers use apps and programs to improve their students’ use of the English language in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Mission Critical



ECC Christmas Celebration ‘A Walk Through Bethlehem’

Thank you so much for joining us for our Christmas celebration.  The children did a wonderful job, and we are so thankful for your love and support.

Click here for ECC concert album


Pajama Daypj-day

On Wednesday, December 14, ECC will have a Pajama Day. Wear your pajamas to school!!


Half Day – Friday, December 16

The ECC students will be dismissed at 12:20 after lunch.  It will be a sandwich day, so if your child does not enjoy sandwiches, please pack a lunch for them.  The buses will leave our campus at 12:35. We hope you all will have a wonderful Christmas break!

Elementary Art

We would like to introduce Mrs. Finnamore as our elementary art teacher for second semester. Mrs. Finnamore is passionate about art and has been teaching ECC art for the past three years. We look forward to having her take on art as Mrs. Korson will be leaving school at the end of this semester to have her baby.


Williams-LeeRobert-00320_CroppedThird Grade

We would like to welcome Mr. Williams to the elementary team for the second semester. Mr. Williams will be teaching 3rd Grade Blue. We are excited to have him join our team.


6358627037008842831762518313_milk-cookiesCookies and Milk Fundraiser

Thank you for your support of the Cookies and Milk Fundraiser last Friday at the Christmas concert. We raised over 2000RMB to support the Prince of Peace Children’s Home.


End of 1st Semester After School Activities

There are no after school this week, except for Judo club. We will advertize the 2nd semester clubs when we return from the Christmas holiday.


2nd Semester After School Activities

It is time to begin preparing for 2nd Semester After School Activities. If you are interested in helping with or leading a club please contact Sunny Zhang (x310 or to notify us of your interest.


Half Day – Friday, December 16th

The elementary students will be dismissed at 12:20. The busses will leave our campus at 12:35. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break!


Winter Weathersnow-on-cat

There is definitely a winter chill in the air! During these colder months we will be following the policy below to determine whether or not students can take part in outdoor activities. It is important for your child to have a coat, hat and gloves at school each day for when they are able to go outside and play!


Cold Weather Policy

If the real feel or wind chill is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit/-12 degrees Celsius, the children will not go outside to play. The principal or secretary will check AccuWeather for the current temperature.


Christmas Concert

Thank you all for coming to support our middle school students at their concert last Wednesday. It was a beautiful evening to celebrate the holiday and I trust it was enjoyed by all. Please look for the concert photo album in next week’s issue.



Final Examsend-of-semester

Middle school final exams will be held on December 15 and 16. Students are excused at noon when exams are completed. These exams include:

  • Grade 6: No exams
  • Grade 7: Math, English exams on Friday
  • Grade 8: Math and English on Thursday; Science and Chinese exams on Friday

In preparation for these tests, please remind the students that it is important to get a good night’s rest, eat a nutritionally rich breakfast and to relax. Additionally, it is best to review content well before the eve of an exam.


Middle School Christmas Partychristmas-party

After finals on December 16th, the House Council will be throwing an optional Christmas Party at school for all middle school students who would like to attend. Students can sign-up on the ZoHo online form or talk to their House Council Leaders for more information on this student-organized event. Lunch will be provided, students will play Christmas-themed games and busses will take students to select locations at approximately 3:30pm. Merry Christmas!  

Bus stops will be announced once students are signed-up.


PowerSchool ReminderScreen Shot 2016-09-09 at 1.28.58 pm

PowerSchool has a wealth of information including student lunch-card balances, course grades and comments on individual assessments or at the end of terms of study. It is highly encouraged for parents to review this information on a weekly basis to help their child in the learning process. If you would like support in how to fully utilize this tool, please contact your favorite teacher or the school and our technology support people would be glad to help.



High School Christmas Concert is Tonight!

Come join us tonight at 7:00 pm in the TIS Auditorium as the high school bands and choir perform Christmas music in various styles. We hope to see you there! See bus schedule below:

2016-hs-christmas-posterforwebCome to school on one of these busses to watch the performance!

  • 6:00 pm   YG100 (side/main gate) —TIS (Blueberry)
  • 6:00 pm   AC—TIS (Strawberry)(Banana)
  • 6:05 pm    FLJMH—6:10 pm HYCZ (back gate)— 6:15 pm BDHT (front gate) — TIS (Pineapple)
  • 6:05 pm    Shui Jing Cheng—6:10 pm BDHT (back gate)—6:15 pm BDHT (front gate) — TIS (Kiwi)

Go Home on one of these busses:

Depart at 8:30 pm

  • TIS—YG100 (side gate/main gate) (Peach)(Blueberry)
  • TIS—Shui Jing Cheng—BDHT(back/ front gate) (Kiwi)
  • TIS—BDHT (front  gate)—Olympic towers (Lemon)
  • TIS—Subway—HYCZ (back gate)—FLJMH (Pineapple)
  • TIS—Ao Cheng (Strawberry)(Banana)(Apple)
  • TIS——TEDA (TEDA bus)


First Semester Final Exams

end-of-semesterOn December 12 and 13, students will be reviewing for Semester 1 Final exams.

High School final exams are scheduled for Wednesday – Friday, December 14-16. An exam schedule has been provided to students. Students are encouraged to get a good night’s rest and a good breakfast in preparation for exams. It is also recommended that students review for a short time each day rather than spending large amounts of time on the night before a test. Most students will be finished with their exams by 12:25 pm and will be expected to take the 12:35 busses home. However, due to the increase of AP courses this year, there are some exams that will be given from 1:00 pm to 2:55 on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. All students will be dismissed at 12:25 pm on Friday and are expected to leave campus at that time.


Wednesday and Thursday – Special Bussing Times for HS Finals Schedule (see General for more details)

  • 12:35 pm   Busses for HS students finished with finals
  • 3:30 pm   Busses as usual, (high schoolers who have afternoon exams or have requested permission to stay later) – Those riding the Lemon and Watermelon busses must leave at this time
  • 4:45 pm   Busses as usual, (only for high school students who have requested permission to stay later)
  • No 5:10 pm student busses
  • Friday is a half-day for all students, with busses leaving at 12:35. However, there is separate bussing for middle school students staying for the Christmas party.  
  • TEDA transportation arrangements made on individual basis.


Christmas Banquet

The TIS high school student council is completing the preparations for the annual Christmas banquet for TIS high school students and staff. From what I am hearing, it will be a new type of banquet experience and should be much fun for everyone. Busses will be provided. A bus schedule will be sent out first of next week.

Banquet Dress Code

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.30.54 amWhen planning for the banquet, please note the following excerpt from the secondary handbook:

Students will be expected to dress formally for these occasions. For men this includes a suit or dress slacks, dress shirt, and dress shoes. For ladies this includes dresses, skirts and blouses or a formal pants ensemble. Spaghetti strap dresses are allowed, but no cleavage should be seen. There should be no plunging necklines front or back. The dress must cover the middle of the back. Appropriate undergarments must be worn but should not be seen. Short dresses or slits should be no more than 10 centimeters above the knee.

For your convenience, there are several formal dresses and men’s suits available for students to borrow from Mrs. Dawn Williams.  If you would like to look at the dresses or suits, please contact Mrs. Williams at


January Information to know now!!

Summer Trip Applications

Applications for Summer 2017 service trips will be made available the first week after Christmas break.  Trip options typically include Chang Bai Shan, Outer Mongolia, Yunnan, and Cambodia; however, this is determined by student interest. We ask that over the holidays, your family discuss options about these rewarding, challenging, life-changing trips!


From the Counselor’s Corner1_The-Counselors-Corner

  • The deadline for registration for the January 21st SAT test is December 21st. This will be the last SAT test available until early May.
  • Any parent is welcome to make an appointment with Mr. McElroy regarding academics or attending university.  Please call the school and ask Rong Zhang to make an appointment.


Game Results

Season 2 is in full swing with high school basketball games and middle school volleyball games.  Please see the information below:

Thursday, December 1st

  • U14 Boys Volleyball vs. TEDA: Lost 0-2
  • U13 Girls Volleyball vs. TEDA: Lost 0-2

Saturday, December 3rd – ISCOT U14 Volleyball Exchange

  • U14 Boys vs. IST: Lost 0-2   13:25, 18:25
  • U14 Boys vs. TEDA: Lost 1-2   25:23, 26:28, 7:15
  • U14 Boys vs. Wellington: Lost 0-2   19:25, 20:25
  • U13 Girls vs. IST: Lost 0-2   25:27, 20:25
  • U13 Girls vs. TEDA: Lost 1-2   25:18, 7:25, 0:15

Saturday, December 3rd – Beijing Basketball Tri-Matches

  • JV Mens vs. BCIS: Lost 13-17
  • JV Mens vs. HIS: Lost 31-51
  • Varsity Ladies vs. WAB: Lost 20-24
  • Varsity Ladies vs. DSP: Won 23-16

Monday, December 5th

  • JV Mens Basketball vs. Wellington: Won 38-19
Wednesday, December 7th – HS Basketball
  • Varsity Ladies vs. Maple Leaf: Won 29-17
  • Varsity Mens vs. Maple Leaf: Won 35-23
Thursday, December 8th – MS Volleyball
  • U13 Girls vs. IST: Lost 0-2
  • U14 Boys vs. IST: Lost 1-2
  • U12 Boys-A vs. IST-A: Won 2-1
  • U12 Boys-B vs. IST-B: Won 2-1
  • U12 Boys-A vs. IST-B: Won 2-1
  • U12 Boys-B vs. IST-A: Lost 1-2
  • U12 Boys-A vs. IST-A: Won 2-0
  • U12 Boys-B vs. IST-B: Won 2-1


Middle School Volleyball Announcements

No Announcements.


High School Basketball Announcements

Monday, December 12th

  • JV Mens Basketball game vs. TEDA
  • Game will be played at TEDA
  • The bus will leave TIS at 2:30 p.m. to travel to TEDA
  • At approximately 5:15 p.m. the bus will leave TEDA and drop players off in the following order: TEDA — HYCZ — FLJMHU — AC — YG100


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the athletic department using the email address provided below.

Mr. Strong – TIS Athletic Director



December9 High School Christmas Concert/ECC no school
December14-16 Secondary Final Exams
December16 Quarter 2 ends/Middle School Christmas Party

THANK YOU!!climbing-wallforweb

Thank you for your support during the Christmas Bazaar!

PTO will continue to sell a variety of refreshments at school programs. All proceeds will go toward the installation of a rock-climbing wall.

Volunteers –Thank You!

Thank you to the many volunteers who gave of their time to help make the Christmas Bazaar a great success.

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy NEW YEAR!


Wednesday Bus Schedule for Parents

9:10 a.m YG100 — 9:20 a.m. Aocheng — 9:35 a.m. HYCZ — 9:40 a.m. BDHT —— TIS

9:25 a.m. Olympic Towers —— TIS

Return bussing to same locations at 1:00 p.m. Meet in the front of the TIS main entrance.

Source: TIS