Leaders of Tomorrow

Our Students

The students at International Schools of China are the sons and daughters of expatriates working for multinational companies. And their unique experiences today will influence how they lead the world tomorrow.

A large percentage of iSC’s students are from South Korea, representing families that work for companies in electronics, manufacturing, and the automotive industry. Many more come from other parts of Asia, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Still others come from North America, Europe and Australia.

They are all a part of the way that iSC extends LDi’s global reach and global impact.

Our Staff

We believe that the key to our influence is our people.  And to maximize that influence, we emphasize professional development and encouraging our staff to be leaders whether in the classroom, in their homes or out in their cities.  Our staff, in turn, pass that encouragement on to their students, families and friends.  This is another way that iSC embodies teaching — and learning — from the inside out.